Links from Wednesday 4/16

In class we went over using Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF portfolio of the work that will be featured on your website.

    Gather two series of atleast 8 pictures and size them about 2000 pixels on the long side @ 72ppi
    Order the pictures in the same manner they are on your website
    Create a front page/business card/cover image in PS that is sized roughly your image size
    Create a resume/cv and save it as a pdf
    Open Adobe Acrobat Pro and go to File –> Create –> Combine Files Into a Single PDF
    Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.43.16 PM
    Select your Create Single PDF and find your folder full of deliverables
    Make sure all of the files are in the correct or and then select Combine Files
    When it is done it will open a PDF that you need to Save
    Consider putting the CV at the end of the PDF, but you have to have your name first.
    You will then have a PDF you can upload to your website

Check out Ryan Allan’s PDF here. We also looked at Marcus Smith’s killer about page.


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