Due Wednesday 9/3

For next Wednesday (since we don’t meet on Monday because you know, Labor Day) you will need to do two posts. Post 1 will be 2-5 pictures about your photo series and a short text about the challenges/successes you had with it. Post 2 will be a record of your interaction with personal technology for a continuous 24 hour period.

These are the interactions you need to record:

  • When you interact with your phone, list apps and how long
  • When you interact with a computer, list apps and how long
  • If you consume entertainment on either device, just say streaming, etc. 
  • When pick up your camera and make pictures
  • When you work with those pictures
  • Computer labs count
  • You need to have one picture of you interacting with technology to go with this post


The goal of this assignment is to gain an understanding of how you use technology which can be expanded to others. Please have both posts online before class on Wednesday. 



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