Due Wednesday, September 10

You need to write a post on the progress you are making with your photographic series. You need to have at least three images and 200 words describing the progress, setbacks, success, failures, insights you have discovered, etc. Please post the images as a gallery. If you are finding yourself stuck and not sure what to write, start with what you hope to get out of this assignment and the progress you have made toward this goal.

DUE NEXT MONDAY: Website Evaluation
You will need to find a website of a photographer whose work you are attracted to, influenced by, inspired by, want to be like, etc. It must be the website of an individual photographer, not a gallery, publication, museum, etc. You will go through the website and write a post about the following points:

    Why you chose the photographer and what do you think of their work?
    What the experience is like on a computer?
    What the experience is like on a mobile device? (phone or tablet)
    Are those experiences different or similar? What do you think of both?
    What do you think of the design and type choices?
    What do you think of the picture size?
    Are there extra elements connected to the site like videos, a blog, etc.?
    How integrated is social media?
    Who do you think the audience is for the website?
    Overall, what is your impression of the photographer after going through the site?

You need to post the answers to these questions along with a link and a screenshot. These will be presented in class next week, so it is important to have this posted by class time Monday, September 15.


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