Links Shown on Monday 9/29

On Monday we went over a variety of different photographic presentations. Most, are taken from the documentary stand point, but some could be translated into other genres.

Gilles Peress is a member of Magnum Photos and has been in the forefront of documentary photographers using the web to tell their stories. This page from The New York Times shows what can happen when the web passes by an old page. This presentation shows how the story was broken down for the web. This presentation is a bit better and delivering the content. This series from The New Yorker, shows how they deliver traditional galleries. This page from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, shows was late 1990s websites looked like. This multimedia presentation highlights his ability to hammer home a point with various mediums. Here is a blog post showing some of his most recent work.

The New York Times created a multimedia seres entitled 1 in 8 Million which showcases direct story telling.

Best Made Company is good at delivering branded content for their goods through dynamic photography.

Fraction Magazine is a good example of a contemporary online outlet for photography.


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