Photography and the Web’s main focus is working with photography and video as it is presented on the web. In this class we will create a professional website, a blog, and create videos. Final due dates will be posted here.

You need to create an account on either or You will use this post the weekly assignments and evaluations. Both content management systems were demonstrated in class, it is up to you to choose which one you want to use. If you have an account with one of those systems, please create a fresh blog just for this class. Once you have created the account, please email the url to The specifics of the assignment can be found here.

For this portion of the class you have the option of using either a self-hosted website, Squarespace or Format to create your website. All of the options will be demonstrated in class. You will need to register for the two week trial for Squarespace and Format and build your website in both before deciding on which content management system you will use. We will be building the websites earlier in the semester and adding content to them as we go along.

You will create a series of photographs based on an idea or concept for this class. This series is just for this class and can not be used in another class. You will post progress on the assignment on your blog every week. This series can be in either color or black and white and the content is open to you. You will present the final edited series on your website in the final critique. The specifics for the assignment can be found here.

Three videos will be created for this class. A 60 second portrait, a 2 minute mood based silent movie, and a 3-5 minute creative video where the content is open to you. The first two videos will be turned in via your blog and the creative video will be presented on your website in the final critique.


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