Interesting Presentation with Stills and Audio

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.02.38 AM

ALJEZEERA America has an interesting presentation in two parts surrounding the current events in Ferguson, Missouri. Matt Eich made portraits that are presented with their voice, which adds to the report.


Final Video Project

  • You will make a video that is 3 to 5 minutes in length
  • The video must have a clear point/theme/idea/mood
  • The footage must be toned/graded in a way that highlights the clear/point/theme/idea/mood
  • The number of cuts and transitions is up to you as long as they fit and add to the video
  • Cohesive idea, intentional lighting, focus, framing, and color adjustments are expected
  • You are not allowed to use an audio tracks that have a Copyright
  • This video will be post on your finished website which is due the first week of December

A Reminder About Next Week

Monday is an independent work day and we will not be meeting.

You are required to show progress on your silent film next Wednesday. This is worth 15 points.

You are require to post two pictures, with or without text, from your ongoing series to your blog.

The silent movies are due Monday, November 10 uploaded and posted to your blog before class.

2 Minute Silent Mood Video

The next video assignment is as follows:

    The video is 2 minutes long and not contain sound
    There can be as many cuts/transitions as you like
    The color and tone and of the video must be adjusted in a creative manner
    The video must convey a mood
    The video must focus on the visuals
    There must be a clear point/mood
    The content is open to you
    It must be posted to your blog before class on Nov. 10

Class will not meet on Monday, Nov. 3, so use that time to your advantage. You are expected to show progress in class on Nov. 5. Showing progress is worth 15 points of the final grade. If you do not show progress, the highest grade you can received on this project is an 85.