You may print a copy of the syllabus here.

ASTU4260 Photography and the Web
University of North Texas CVAD
Tom Leininger, Instructor
Office Hours: MW 3 p.m. — 4 p.m. and by appointment

Course Description:
Photography and the Web will cover current and recent shifts in photography in the context of web technologies. We will discuss changes in photography brought about because of these technologies. We will also look at what in the medium has not changed, but simply shifted with the new technology.

This class will introduce a diverse set of tools meant to increase the ability to actively participate with these technologies. These tools will range from automated online galleries to advanced website building tools to video editing software. This will not be a design or software class, but will rather concentrate on how to empower photographers to use these technologies in their creative and professional practice. We will create professional websites, blog, photographic, and video projects.

The class will be structured around student presentations, technical demonstrations,
online video tutorials, open studio time, and class discussions. This is a studio class. You will be expected to plan ahead and work during class time.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes
Professional website:
The internet has become central in sharing the work of artists. Each student will make
a portfolio site representing his or her artistic accomplishments in a professional manner. This site may take many formats, but all should include an artist statement, bio, resume, contact info, the video and the photographic series you made for the class.

Your evaluative and in-progress assignments will be turned in via blog posts you will create and publish on either or

Video project:
The recent introduction of the ability to capture video in almost every entry- level
camera and phone once again pushes lens based media towards exciting new
territories. Each student will complete a variety of video projects.

Course Requirements:
Required Readings: As the come up during the semester tutorials for different content management systems

Material and Resource Requirements:
DSLR capable of shooting video
Portable Hard Drive/Cloud Based Storage
A blog at or
YouTube or Vimeo account
A registered domain and customized website

Grades will be based on:
Blog Assignments: 60%
Video projects: 20%
Website: 20%

Attendance Policy:
Regular and punctual attendance is mandatory.
Three unexcused absences will be tolerated.
More than three absences will require a note from a doctor or a note from the art office explaining a critical family/personal problem in order to be excused.
More than three unexcused absences will affect your final grade by at least one letter grade per absence.
Most lectures, demonstrations, and assignments will occur at the beginning of class periods and will not be repeated for those who come in late. If you are late to class, you will need to notify me at the end of the class period to replace an absence with a tardy. Three tardies will constitute an absence. A tardy is considered to be arrival 5 minutes after the beginning of class.
Assignments that are turned in late will receive one letter grade lower per day for each day they are late.
Examinations missed may only be made up with an official doctor’s excuse.
Critiques missed may not be made up and grades will reflect the student’s failure to participate in the critique discussions.

American Disabilities Act:
The College of Visual Arts and Design is committed to full academic access for all
qualified students, including those with disabilities. In keeping with this commitment
and in order to facilitate equality of educational access, faculty members in the College
will make reasonable accommodations for qualified students with a disability, such as
appropriate adjustments to the classroom environment and the teaching, testing, or
learning methodologies when doing so does not fundamentally alter the course.
If you have a disability, it is your responsibility to obtain verifying information from the
Office of Disability Accommodation (ODA) and to inform me of your need for an
accommodation. Requests for accommodation must be given to me no later than the
first week of classes for students registered with the ODA as of the beginning of the
current semester. If you register with the ODA after the first week of classes, your
accommodation requests will be considered after this deadline. Grades assigned before an accommodation is provided will not be changed. Information about how to obtain academic accommodations can be found in UNT Policy 18.1.14, at, and calling the ODA at 940.565.4323.

Course Risk Factor:
According to University Policy, this course is classified as a category three course.
Students enrolled in this course are exposed to significant hazards which have the
potential to cause serious bodily injury or death. In this class, those risks are related to improper use/handling of chemicals and electrical devices. Students enrolled in this class will be informed of potential health hazards or potential bodily injury connected with the use of materials and/or processes and will be instructed about how to proceed safely. The College of Visual Arts and Design also requires the following statement: “Students who are pregnant or will become pregnant during the course of the semester are advised to check with their doctor immediately to determine if any additional risks are reason to postpone this course until a later semester. Upon request, your professor will provide a list of chemicals and safety issues for your doctor to review. Material Safety Data Sheets are available on all chemicals. It will be up to you and your doctor to determine what course of action to take.

Building Emergency Procedures:
In case of emergency (alarm will sound), please follow the building evacuation plans posted on each floor of your building and proceed to the nearest parking lot. In case of tornado (campus sirens will sound) or other weather related threat, please go to the nearest hallway or room on your floor without exterior windows and remain their until an all clear signal is sounded. Follow the instructions of your teachers and act accordingly.

Center For Student Rights and Responsibilities:
The following statement reminds students of their rights and responsibilities within the academic community – “Each University of North Texas student is entitled to certain rights associated with higher education institutions. See for further information.”

Week One:
Monday 08/25: Introduce the class, discuss the class expectations, assignments, class website, required accounts needed for the class, introduce photography project
Wednesday 08/29: Web Intro, Workflow, Content Management, blogs

Week 2:
Monday 09/01: Labor Day NO CLASS
Wednesday 09/04: Self hosted WordPress vs. Squarespace vs. Format

Week Three:
Monday 09/08: Website Elements and Design, Importance of Type
Wednesday 09/10: Role of audience in design, mobile

Week Four:
Monday 09/15: Website Evaluations
Wednesday 09/17: Website Evaluations

Week Five:
Monday 09/22: Website in the role of self-presentation
Wednesday 09/24: Photograph Project In-Progress Review

Week Six:
Monday 09/29: Editing for the Web
Wednesday 10/01: Narrative vs. Mood

Week Seven:
Monday 10/06: Photography Critique 1
Wednesday 10/08: Photography Critique 2

Week Eight:
Monday 10/13: Introduction to motion
Wednesday 10/15: Motion Workflow

Week Nine:
Monday 10/29: Motion in Photoshop
Wednesday 10/22: Color Correcting Motion

Week Ten:
Monday 10/27: 60 Second Portrait Due
Wednesday 10/29: Cuts/Dissolves, Type and Motion

Week Eleven:
Monday 11/03: Video Evaluations
Wednesday 11/06: Video Evaluations

Week Twelve:
Monday 11/10: 2 Minute Mood Video Due
Wednesday 11/12: Storytelling vs Interpreting

Week Thirteen:
Monday 11/17: Web/Still/Motion Review
Wednesday 11/19: Video vs. Still and how to categorize work

Week Fourteen:
Monday 11/24: Review Videos
Wednesday 11/26: Workday

Week Fifteen:
Monday 12/01: Crit Group 1
Wednesday 12/03: Crit Group 2

The instructor retains the right to change the syllabus with or without notice.


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